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You know. No kick-o, no fight-o.
01 October 2020 @ 08:00 pm









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Please comment here before you add me, -
Tell me a little bit about you and if we have some things in common, I'll most likely add you back. :)

Don't friend me for my graphics and resources. I post them over at unpresented.
Feel very free to WATCH the community instead.
(Older entries will not be locked.)
You know. No kick-o, no fight-o.
29 November 2010 @ 06:00 pm

ATTENTION, I have an announcement to make! ;)

I just openend my own graphics/resources community. From now on, I post my textures, tutorials, icons, profile codes, etc. over there.

So please, de-friend my personal journal, if you're just here for my graphics and resources,
and watch the community instead. :) - unpresented - Thank you!

My first two posts over there are two tutorials, with .psd files and hero stuff!Collapse )
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You know. No kick-o, no fight-o.
16 November 2010 @ 12:05 am
run along an empty street
profile code, no. 4 - dark

Image Preview

⁞credit and comments are appreciated :)
⁞background picture by zygat3r
⁞tiny icons by damnicons
profile code, no. 4 - bright

Image Preview

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You know. No kick-o, no fight-o.
06 November 2010 @ 08:15 pm
I can't do icons anymore, so I have to make textures, obviously. :P This time, it's all about black & white (& grey ;)) textures.

We didn't sign up for this.Collapse )
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