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Kiss with a Fist (Covert Affairs) (Vidlet)

Title: Kiss with a Fist (Covert Affairs)
Author: shadedcolor
Duration: 0:54
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Song: 'Kiss with a Fist' by Florence and the Machine
Note: contains scenes from episode 1.01 - 1.04
Summary: Annie vs. the men (featuring Auggie, Conrad, Diego Suarez, Eyal, FBI guy aka Vincent Rossabi, Jai, James Elliott and Victor Ponces)
A/N: Today afternoon I felt like making a video and I did and regretted it more than once. ;) It was already uploaded at youtube when I discovered that the video stalled several times. So I edited the video once again just because it's so much fun. :P But here we go, love the song, love the series, love the dynamic!

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'Covert Affairs'

challenge icons p.2

A long overdue icon post! And since I didn't make much icons apart from icons for challenge communities (uhuh ._.) I collected all my challenge icons from the last six months. ;)

[01 - 04] (4) icontest_alias [25 - 30] (6) chuckelite [48 - 53] (6) evikate_stills
[05 - 07] (3) bones_stills [31 - 33] (3) house_stillness [54 - 55] (2) sandra_stills
[08 - 14] (7) bones_hush [34 - 37] (4) seekerstillness [56 - 67] (12) movie_stillness
[15 - 15] (1) castle_icontest [38 - 39] (2) kahlan_stills [68 - 68] (1) basic_icontest
[16 - 24] (9) chuck_stills [40 - 47] (8) mentaliststills [69 - 69] (1) stock_contest

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'Covert Affairs'

textures 021 'various'

I just joined goodtextures and two days ago they finished their first texture challenge. Entries for the second challenge are due by July 3 and the great thing is - both members and watchers can participate. So check this one out!
I couldn't participate in round 1 but that didn't stop me from making some textures. ;) So I only used those photos and played a little around with PS.

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shameless plug: covertaffairstv

< shameless plug >
Covert Affairs, anyone? Almost 2 months ago I had the rather spontaneous idea to open a community, covertaffairstv, for this upcoming USA Network series. / Synopsis
The Series stars Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Anne Dudek, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Peter Gallagher and Kari Matchett. Guest appearances by Oded Fehr, Gregory Itzin, Lauren Holly, Emmanuelle Vaugier and many more.

The series premieres on Tuesday July 13, 2010, 10/9c.

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covertaffairstv - join , watch , affiliate
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&#39;Covert Affairs&#39;

textures 020 'office'

Textures, anyone? It's been awhile, eh? And now I'm back with a small bunch of textures including with the non self-explaining name 'office'. Well I can explain the name. When I started making the textures I was watching 'Less Than Perfect' aka 'Office Girl' - tadaa! Let's name the textures after shows you watch or the music you hear. Makes things so much easier. ;)

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&#39;Covert Affairs&#39;

This Ain't A Scene (Chuck; in disguise) (fanvid)

Title: This Ain't A Scene (Chuck; in disguise)
Author: shadedcolor
Duration: 2:21
Fandom: Chuck
Song: 'This Ain't A Scene' by Fall Out Boy
Note: contains scenes from season 1 to season 3 (episode 3.19)
Summary: 3 words? Undercover. Disguise. Action.
A/N: My second fanvid after my three-year break. And my first Chuck vid. I love fast paced videos so I decided to go for an action heavy one. As with my first vid I'm not completely happy with this one. The timing is a big thingie. But I'm more than relieved to have it finally uploaded. ;)

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&#39;Chuck&#39; Sarah &amp; Chuck

picspam: chuck ep. 3.14

Once again I had to make a picspam of the latest Chuck episode, 3.14 'Chuck vs. the Honeymooners'. What a lovely, lovely episode!
It took me ages to finish the picspam - the whole transcribing thing can get pretty exhausting - above all, when you're not a native speaker and not even understand a single word after putting the volume to max. ;P
Loved the episode a lot. Chuck and Sarah, their interaction, their accents (hi y'all :D), the action, the handcuffs, the handcuff action (!), the exchanged vows, Morgan/Casey (MoJo, anyone?), the Jeffster performance, the music in general (how perfect was 'Feeling Good' at the end!) Beckman's it's about damn time, yes, even Arnaldo who kinda opened Chuck's and Sarah's eyes, ... 42 minutes - pure joy!

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